Scott Nowicki -  Chief Scientist and EAPI Officer

Dr Scott Nowicki’s expertise is in the application of the latest geospatial research to problems in planetary monitoring and infrastructure resilience. His work has included Mars landing site analysis, remote tree species mapping, and active wildfire operations. With funding sources that range from NASA to local governments and utilities, he blurs the line between academic research and industry. Scott received his PhD from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU while working on four active missions to Mars. Scott is a leading industry expert in the application of drones, hyperspectral and thermal remote sensing, tackling the effects of a changing climate and a population that continues to explode. 

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Keith Nowicki -  Electrical Engineer and Optical Scientist

Dr Keith Nowicki has designed spacecraft instruments that range from laser ionization mass spectrometers to microscopic imagers that can resolve 10 micron features at a distance of 5m.  Currently serving as a systems engineer on the Lunar Thermal Mapper on Lunar Trailblazer (2023 launch), and PM on the Modular Infrared Molecules and Ices Sensor on Comet  Interceptor on the Aerial Mission (2029 launch),  Keith's expertise in optical systems design developed from his work in instrument calibration and algorithm development with the orbital thermal emission instruments (TES and THEMIS) at the ASU Mars Space Flight Facility, where Keith and Scott started working together. Keith received his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2018, and currently has a position in the Department of Physics at Oxford University.  

Karl Haack -  Eletro-Mechanical Engineer and Optical Designer

Karl Haack, PE, has over 35 years of experience designing and analyzing mechanical and electromechanical systems for DARPA and other R&D programs including UAS-integrated electro-optics, RF and HPM systems, and ruggedized systems for field use. His technical skills include mechanical design, opto-mechanical design, mechanical analysis; electronic systems design; packaging design; hardware development; instrumentation, data acquisition and experiment design; test and evaluation; and systems engineering and integration. 

Rowan SchultzRobotics Intern

Rowan Shultz, a computer science undergraduate currently attending college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is excited to join the team as an intern. Always looking for opportunities to build a strong foundation in Robotics Engineering, Rowan has already had the opportunity to write the code for - and aid in the design of - a few bots, including a mock pizza delivery robot and a couple of mock solar panel removal/replacement bots. They are excited to continue their robotic journey, and move on from mock projects to robots with real world applications.

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